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    There have been substantial changes recently, particularly in the government and financial services industries. The rate of change brought on by regulatory and legislative reform might be difficult to keep up with. Increased regulatory requirements on domestic and international financial centres are being confronted by participants in the financial market. The Regulatory Services team provides expert services with regard to the implementation and observance of the regulatory framework for the financial sector.

    Within our Audit, Tax, and Advisory divisions, we maintain interdisciplinary abilities and have substantial competence at the national and international level. We offer comprehensive solutions that can be customised to meet your specific needs. Our team of certified financial professionals, which includes ex-bankers, chartered accountants, MBAs, and registered valuers, is available to provide you with a variety of services as well as assistance with the implementation and interpretation of regulatory requirements in the following areas.


    Before beginning operations, numerous organisations in India are required to get a number of licences due to the regulatory environment. We provide our services in a way that helps clients obtain different licences, whether it’s a general trade licence or an industry-specific licence. We have a committed team whose competence is in liaising with government officials, ensuring prompt and efficient licence acquisition. Our main goal at JJJ is to lighten our clients’ regulatory burdens so they may concentrate on their business.


    The Company has experience working with a variety of regulatory bodies, including the Registrar of Companies (ROC), Regional Directors (RD), National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), and Goods and Service Tax (GST). With J J J And Company LLP, you can be confident that all the paperwork that needs to be submitted to regulatory bodies is done so on time and that your case will be presented to them in the best light possible.


    Any business’s foundation is its assets. Any firm can acquire a variety of resources that are utilised in the manufacturing of completed items, aid in the sale of goods, improve the working environment for their staff, etc. Since the value of all assets, including fixed and current assets, already makes up a significant portion of the overall business, it is essential that these assets be monitored and controlled so that they may be used effectively and efficiently for a long time and that misuse can be prevented. Organizations generally have stronger control over their cash assets, debtors, but are sometimes unwilling to manage their fixed assets and inventory.

    JJJ’s distinctive and cutting-edge methodology aids in the identification of all fixed assets as well as their assessment, documentation, and creation of a fixed assets register. JJJ offers the organisation specialised processes and solutions that guarantee continuous updating of fixed asset registers, improved tracking of assets dispersed across many locations, and fixed responsibility among users. JJJ is offering solutions for all types of assets maintained by an organisation, including physical assets like roads, drains, lakes and ponds, public lighting, sewerage systems, etc., intangible assets like goodwill, patents, copyrights, and trademarks, as well as IT assets like software, hardware, servers, networking equipment, and research tools like lab instruments and expensive consumables.

    Better methods for tracking inventory, determining an efficient economic order quantity (EOQ), and reorder level are provided by JJJ’s Cost optimization team. Our team researches, evaluates, and helps improve inventory turnover ratio, pricing and supply hedging against market forces, among other things.


    In India, a change in accounting standards is all but certain, and businesses should start working on strategies to ensure timely convergence with IFRS. According to the experience of other nations, conversion is a serious undertaking, and getting started early can help. We provide services like examining and amending financial policies, evaluating company-wide Data Collection processes, Consolidation processes, Financial Reporting processes, or General accounts to businesses who are thinking about adopting IFRS or are already doing so. We have experts that are trained in both IFRS and Indian Accounting Standards who can handle the convergence process to adhere to both global and regional reporting compliances.